Monday, May 8, 2017

Derek Jeter Week... Day 1

While watching last nights 18 inning Yankees win over the Cubs  at Wrigley Field, I saw that this coming Sunday the Yankees will be honoring legendary shortstop Derek Jeter prior to the game vs the Houston Astros.

I thought this week I'd honor Jeter by posting something each day to honor my favorite player to ever win the Yankee Pinstripes.

Up first is my post about Jeter back in 2010, where I declared him My favorite Yankee player of All-Time.

I'm continuously amazed every day how much Jeter gets vilified on Twitter/... he gave 100% each and every play in his 20 years in the big leagues, starting with his 1996 Rookie of the Year season that ended with the Yankees winning their first of FIVE World Series Championships with Jeter at shortstop.

I've  been watching baseball for over 50 years, and there simply haven't been any players who've played the game with more grace and dignity than Derek Jeter.

I hope you will share your best Jeter memories on your blogs this week,.., I'd really enjoy reading them.

If your on Twitter, use hashtag #Jeets16 on your posts this week.

You can find me on Twitter at @freehan11.

Play Ball!

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