Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Baseball Bulletin... Derek Jeter Week Edition

This Baseball Bulletin is all about Derek Jeter Week, leading up to the #2 uniform retirement ceremony this weekend at Yankee Stadium.

I've been writing this week about Derek, one of my All-Time favorite ballplayers.

Here's what I've posted so far...

Day 1...Derek Jeter Week Begins.

Day 2... Rookie of the Year.

Day 3... Jeter's Gold Glove Awards.

Some things about Derek that I've come across are...

Well, we'll start with Derek and Jeb Bush buying the Miami Marlins.

Over at Cut 4 at you can decide whats the MOST ICONIC DEREK JETER moment.

Chris Bahr of FOX SPORTS reports on Derek's ONLY REGRET in his career,

Alfred Santasiere III reports for Yankees Magazine on why Derek chose Sunday Night to have his number 2 retired....

,,,and Alfred also takes us back to the naming of Derek Jeter Field at Kalamazoo Central.

This Jeter fan is all in this week, and wants all of us to use hashtag #Respect2Jeter.

And, of course, not everyone wants an entire week of Jeter, says the fans at Pinstripe Alley.

Jeter is a truly humble man, and that's how he played the game, humbled by the men who came before him that wore the Yankee Pinstripes.

I'll be posting, as much as I can, the rest of the week, including a post on Jeter baseball cards.

Remember, use #derekjeterweek on Social Media this week.... PLAY BALL!

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