Monday, October 1, 2018

Baseball Bulletin.. Game 163 and Save The Boobies

Yesterday was supposed to be the end off the 2018 regular season, but, alas, we have two, count em, two, extra games today, and, hey, who doesn't love extra baseball...I know I do!

The Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago Cubs are getting ready for their N.L. Central Game 163 at Wrigley Field as I'm writing this, and later this afternoon at Dodger Stadium the Colorado Rockies visit the Dodgers for their N.L. West Division Game 163.

The winners are division champions, the losers, well, they are both the N.L. Wild Card teams, and will play each other tomorrow night, with either the Cubs or Brewers hosting the game.

The Dodgers even wrote fans a permission slip to miss school.

My Detroit Tigers finished off a miserable year by getting swept by the Brewers in Milwaukee over the weekend, losing 11-0 yesterday to finish with a 64-98 record, the same as in 2017.

The Tigers best player this year was Nicholas Castellanos, who batted a career high .298, while also playing in a team high 157 games...the same number he played in 2017.

Nick has been given a hard time for his defense by fans on social media the past few years, and while he's not the best defender, the Tigers also haven't exactly made the right moves with Castellanos over tast 5 years, moving him between third base, the outfield, then back to 3rd, and now to right field.

I posted Nick's 2017 Topps Pink Parallel Card that I recently acquired to remind everyone of that it's October 1st, and that means it's time for a month of blog posts from Collecting Cutch, who posts pink cards of Andrew McCutcheon and posts pictures of lovely ladies to help raise awareness.

To honor Save The Boobies I'll post a picture of the awesome Kate Upton, a native of St. Joseph, Michigan, a Wolverines fan, and the current Mrs. Justin Verlander.

Kate and Justin love dogs, and that's why I chose by his particular picture.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is dedicated to bringing attention to a disease that affects 1 in 8 women, so please, do what you can to help.

You can find more information at National Breast Cancer .org.

Don't forget to check out Collecting Cutch every day this month to see the next awesome Cutch card and, well, the pretty ladies to help us remember what this month is all about.

OK, one more Kate Upton picture...the good ole days!



  1. Awesome post!!! <3 Kate Upton!
    She will make a cameo at some point on my blog. You can be certain of that. Thanks for pimping the page and helping to bring awareness to breast cancer.

    Nick always struck me as a potential star that never lived up to his potential. Glad to see it finally starting to click for him this year.

  2. Nick had a solid season. It was nice to see him start and end the season strong. Looking forward to seeing what he produces in 2019.

    1. He had 30/100/100 in him, he just needs to have players around him to get on base.