Tuesday, June 21, 2016

National Selfie Day...Baseball Style

Today is National Selfie Day here in the United States, and nobody takes better selfies than baseball players and the media that cover them....even mascots!

                                        From Twitter page of  @OrioleBird

⚾ The greatest baseball selfie of all-time is still this picture of then Tampa Bay Rays reporter Kelly Nash.

                                           Photo courtesy of Kelly Nash.

In 2013 at Fenway Park in Boston, Kelly was taking this selfie of herself on top of The Green Monster for her Instagram a count. when a baseball flew by her head during batting practice...she had no idea that ball was coming right at her.

I'd love to have a autographed copy of this selfie, maybe Kelly will read this and send me one.

⚾⚾ Another of my favorites is this Justin Verlander selfie at a Starbucks, I think this during spring training...the little kid is wearing a Verlander #35 Detroit Tigers t-shirt...you know JV had to meet the kid afterward.

                                            Photo courtesy of Justin Verlander.

⚾⚾⚾ Also, Nationals Bryce Harper provided us fantastic selfies in the past.

                                             Thanks Bryce Harper!

⚾⚾ Let's see those great baseball themed selfies, you never know, I might just put a blog post together of the best ones. ⚾⚾

⚾⚾⚾My contribution to today's Baseball Selfie Day... Go Tigers! ⚾⚾⚾

Play Ball! ⚾

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