Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Baseball Bulletin...June 28,2016

As my Detroit Tigers try and recover from another humiliating series against the Cleveland Indians, here's some  baseball things I noticed recently.

⚾ MLB released the last All-Star Game vote leaders today, and the failure of the average baseball fan to vote correctly continues.

The next vote update will be next Tuesday, July 5th, when the starters for each team will be revealed.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports  has a terrific article on the frustration of fans voting for lesser deserving players...again...like the entire Cubs infield, and Royals second baseman Omar Infante...949,308 total votes, who was released by K.C. like 3 weeks ago.

I'll be posting my annual All-Star Game ballot later this week.

⚾ The amazing Ichiro Suzuki continues his march towards 3,000 hits.... his current total sits at 2,983, just 17 hits to go.

Ichiro and the Miami Marlins will be in Motown Tuesday and Wednesday to play my Tigers.

You still have time to order your Ichiro 3,000 hits Countdown t-shirt... just touch the Countdown T-Shirt on the top right of this blog...

...mine is here and I'm excited to countdown baseball history in the making.

⚾ The New York Times Bruce Fretts has a terrific article on actor Paul Giamatti and his new baseball themed movie, The Phenom.

⚾ My baseball blogger friend Steve Gierman, who writes/owns White Sox Cards, has been doing something on his blog for many, many years, and that thing has apparently been stolen from him by the folks over at Topps.

The Sporting News has come out with its list of the 50 BEST Baseball players in the big leagues today... all I can say about the list is that Tigers first baseman and defending American League Batting Champion, Miguel Cabrera, is somehow only the 13th best player in baseball.... OK, he may not be as popular, and as young as Mike Trout and Bryce Harper, but please...13th?

I don't think it would take 13 big league GMs and owners before Cabrera would be taken in a draft...he belongs in the top 5.

⚾ Ad Week has released its 30 Most Powerful Women in Sports., including MLB Senior VP of Baseball Operations, KIM NG.

⚾ Speaking of women is sports, Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune has this great piece on Why more Women aren't in Sports Radio.

⚾ Justine Siegal continues to break barriers for women in baseball.

⚾ 40 years ago this week this then 16 year old Tigers fan turned on the weekly Monday Night Baseball on ABC to watch my beloved Detroit Tigers and a young pitcher named Mark "The Bird" Fidrych take on the New York Yankees.

On the 40th Anniversary of that start, June 28, 2016...that entire game will very re-broadcast by Cinema Detroit and the Navin Field Grounds Crew.

How I wish I could be there to celebrate "The Bird." and the teenager in me again.

Mark Fidrych  was everything to us young baseball fans in '76, and we couldn't wait to watch...or listen on the radio...to his next start.

He wasn't that much older than us, just 21 years old that summer in '76, and we all thought he was cool...and of course, we all got in our back yards and  began to pretended to be "The Bird "

Mark Fidrych got hurt in 1977, and never came close to his Rookie of the Year performance in the Bicentennial Year of '76...but we all remember how great he made if feel that year, and he will never be forgotten...

... on April 13, 2009, Mark Fidrych was accidentally killed on his farm in Massachusetts.

If you live in, or near, Detroit, head out to relive that magical night in Detroit Tigers baseball history.

⚾ Have a fantastic week of baseball friends...Play Ball!

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