Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ichiro road to 3,000 hits...this t-shirt is awesome!


Since he arrived here from Japan in 2001 I've been a fan, not a fanatic, but a fan, and now that he's nearing 3,000 big league baseball hits, it's become a great thing to watch, especially on Twitter, where his hit count has become nightly fascination among all baseball fans.

Tonight I started following MrJayMiami on Twitter tonight, mostly because I saw that he was the creator of The Official Ichiro 3,000 hit Countdown T-Shirt.

3,000 base hits is a huge deal in the big leagues, and especially when a man the caliber of Ichiro does it.

Go to Ichiro'so Baseball Reference page to see his stats.

Head over too the website site, get your t-shirt, and follow my new baseball fan friend Mr. Miami Jay.


⚾⚾⚾ Tonight in San Diego, in the Marlins 13-4 win  over the San Diego Padres, Ichiro collected three (3) more base hits...that's 2,977 career base hits and counting!  

Oh, and I still want a Ichiro 3k hits bobblehead!


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