Thursday, June 16, 2016

Baseball Card of the 2001 Ichiro Rookie card

Yesterday in the top of the first inning, Miami Marlins outfielder Ichiro Suzuki lead off the game with an infield single, the 4,256th base hit collected in his professional career.

That base hit gets my 2001 Topps #726... Ichiro Rookie Card... as today's Baseball Card of the Day. 

Topps got Ichiro in the set with a high numbered Series Two card, #727 of 791 cards.

Did Topps wait until Series Two was released to make his card more highly anticipated, boosting sales, or, did Topps not have the new Japanese import in the set plans, putting Ichiro in after proving himself in the big leagues?

Whatever the reason, Ichiro has a great looking rookie card...I have on idea really what mine is worth, it's basically been untouched in a plastic sleeve as long as I've had it.

There is a "Like New" Ichiro GRADED RC for $250.00 on ebay...

Ichiro came to the big leagues with 1,278 base hits in his back pocket while playing for the Orix Blue Waves in the Japanese Pacific League.

Starting with his rookie season in 2001, when he led the American League in hits with 242, Ichiro started his big league career by collecting at least 200 hits in 10 consecutive seasons, including setting a new, single season record of  262 hits in 2004, breaking the previous mark of 257 hits by George Sister in 1920.

Ichiro gets career base hit 4,256...and 4,257.

Ichiro is a great ballplayer, and a magnificent hitter.

I was honored to be able to watch Ichiro play in an exhibition game in 2015 here in Jacksonville at Bragan Field, and it's something I'll never forget.

Spring Training game, or not, watching Ichiro go through his bending and stretching routine while in the on deck circle was an amazing thing to see...and then, seeing him step in the batters box and take his swings... classic Ichiro!  

 What are your thoughts on Ichiro's hit total...should his total hits in Japan count, or is Rose the true big league Hit King? 

Take the Ichiro/Pete Rose poll at the top right of this blog.

Until next time... Play Ball!

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