Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Mopup...March 7, 2016

Happy Monday everyone!

We are one month away from the start of the Southern League Baseball season here in Jacksonville when our Suns open play on April 7th against the Birmingham Barons.

⚾ Beginning today in my blog posts I'm going to write about something, if possible, that I learned reading Baseball Prospectus.

True Average  (TAv) ... everything a batter accounts  for...power hitting, walks, strikeouts, and even "productive outs."

True Average on Baseball Prospectus.

True Average also takes into account the different ballparks the player plays in.

An American League ballplayer will have a better TAv than National League player.

An "average" big leaguer will have a TAv of .260, while an exceptional players TAv will be around .300.

The "Mendoza Line" of  TAv is .200, just a tick below legendary Mario's .215 lifetime batting average. ⚾

                                         ⚾ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾

As I watch the Tigers-Mets game today, here's a few things that caught my attention this weekend...

⚾ A special 9 year old young man named Brady Kahle is selling his baseball cards to help his friend, who's battling cancer.

Tom Knight new more about the Brooklyn Dodgers than anyone.

Mr. Knight passed away at the age of 89 on February 17th.

⚾ One of my favorite Twitter follows is a gentleman who tweets about his favorite baseball player, John Bateman. 

Jeff Polman of Crooked Scoreboard wrote a terrific post on the man behind those tweets, Ken Webster.

⚾ 1970s Baseball has the Top Rookie tandems in 1970s baseball.

⚾ For just  $24 Million Dollars you can can own a 1% Ownership in the Bronx Bombers.

⚾ On March 11th MLB and social media site Snapchat will allow big leaguers to use Snapchat during Spring Training games.

I've tried using Snapchata few times, but have had no success understanding how to use it.

I guess I'll give it another chance.

Before I go, I'd like to announce the addition of a jew member of our family, a little Chihuahua I named TRAM. 

TRAM is named, of course, after the best shortstop in Detroit Tigers history, Alan Trammell. 

Have a great week of baseball everyone... PLAY BALL!⚾

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