Thursday, March 24, 2016

Baseball Bulletin...March 24, 2016

It's been a busy week of baseball so far, and it's only Thursday.

Let's start off with our Happy Baseball Birthday! today, former Michigan Baseball and St . Louis Browns Hall of Famer,  George Sisler.

⚾Most of the discussion of baseball has been President Barack Obama's visit to Cuba, and his attendance at the game between the  Cuban National Team and the Tampa Bay Rays in Havana. 

Here are a few terrific articles by some great baseball writers. ..

J.P. Morosi of FOX and the MLB Network... Major League Baseball returned to Cuba and it was a sight.

Rodger Sherman at SB Nation... The President of the United States is at a ballgame in Cuba...

Tim Brown at Yahoo Sports... The lasting impressions of three days in Cuba....

Joel Sherman at the New York Post writes about the Rays Chris Archer,  the breakout star of the historic game in Cuba...

It was a  great few days of baseball involving the Rays trip to Cuba, and from whatI've seen and read, it was a complete success from the baseball side, regardless of any political issues.

I hope the trip by Mr. Obama helps in our country's relationship with Cuba..and, as usual, baseball, our National Pastime, was front and center.

Here's to an annual visit by American teams playing in Havana against the marvelous talented players of the Cuban team.

⚾⚾⚾Other than the game in Havana, here's some baseball stuff I saw around social media...

⚾ As you may know, I love baseball history, and that includes the Negro Leagues.

I came across this marvelous article on former Negro League ballplayer Leon Day, over at the blog The Negro Leagues Up Close.

⚾ Former big leaguer Joe Garagiola passed away on Wednesday.

Joe Garagiola was a huge part of my baseball youth, watching tge NBC Game of the Week and World Series games on TV.

Back in 2013 I wished Mr. Garagiola a Happy Baseball Birthday!

And yesterday I I wrote a small piece on his passing.

⚾ If you happen to have around $400,000 lying around, you can now purchase the home of Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig.

⚾ The Adam Laroche story has continued this blogger friend Steve Gierman  wrote about it beautifully over at White Sox Cards.

⚾ If you've ever wondered how likeable all the MLB owners are, Dave Tobener over at The Comeback has a nice list.

My Tigers owner, Mike Illitch and his family, came in at #3...awesome! 

⚾⚾⚾ That's about all I have for now...tomorrow marks 11 days and counting until my Detroit Tigers play baseball for real.

Have a great weekend of baseball everyone... Play Ball! ⚾⚾⚾

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