Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Baseball Bulletin...March 9, 2016

Here's some big league news that's come to my attention over the past few days.

                             ⚾Photo from Detroit Tigers Facebook page.⚾

⚾Yesterday Major League Baseball announced an an amazing event to honor our military and America's 240th Birthday this summer with the Fort Bragg Game between the Marlins and Braves on July 3rd.

A 12,500 seat ballpark will be constructed for the game, and it will be used after the game to used by the military personnel in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. 

                                       ⚾Logo from MLB Twitter page.⚾

⚾ Speaking of the Braves, first baseman Freddie Freeman and his wife came up with an interesting way to announce weather they're having a baby boy or girl.

⚾ Poster Swag has all your College Baseball posters of 2016.

For some reason my Big Ten pre-season Michigan Wolverines poster wasn't included.... hey... GO BLUE! 

Cut 4 has a quick 10 question Spring Training Baseball Quiz.

I hot 6/10...guess I'm not ready for the season to start either.

⚾ Tuesday was International Women's Day, so, because this is a baseball blog, I give you the beautiful women of the MLB Network, Heidi Whatney, Lauren Shehadi, Sam Ryan, and Kelly Nash.

The last photo, of Kelly Nash, went viral a few years ago after she took this selfie atop the famous Green Monster at Fenway Park. 

Kelly was almost struck in the head with the ball you see, a batting practice home run ball she never saw coming.

No matter the show, the story, the update, or breaking news, these talented broadcasters love baseball and do a magnificent job, weather on Quick Pitch, Hot Stove, MLB Central, or Intentional Talk.

According to Brendan Maloy of Sports Illustrated, these are the weirdest nicknames in Minor League Baseball.

The Washington Nationals are letting their fans choose the player on a September Bobblehead giveaway.

⚾ Former big leaguer Johmny Damon is supporting Donald Trump for President.

⚾Speaking of Mr. Trump, apparently he once tried to buy the Cleveland Indians.

That'll do it for today, thanks for taking time to read my blog.


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