Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Twitter Tuesday

Twitter...if you're a baseball fan you can find plenty of good stuff to read about, have friendly baseball conversations, and follow your favorite baseball players and teams.

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Some stories I came across today on Twitter...

⚾ The Academy Awards are this Sunday Night on ABC, which means someone is going to write about the Best Baseball Movies of All-Time. 

The Sporting News is having a vote on the subject on their Baseball Home Page.

Just so you know, here's my Top 5 All-Time Baseball Movies...

1. The Natural

2. Pride of theYankees 

3. Field of Dreams 

4. 42

5. Major League 

The Natural should always, always, be #1 on any list of the best baseball movies.

42 moved up into my Top 5 this year, it's just a magnificent story about two remarkable baseball men, Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson. 

One of my favorite baseball Twitter follows is writer Graham Womack, who wrote this terrific piece on theHall of Fame candidacy of Tommy John.

⚾ Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has a problem with Chicago Cubs owners and their Political partners.

⚾ According to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX/MLB Network, the American agency representing Cuban player "Lazarito" no longer represents the prospect after receiving death threats.

⚾ Washington Post beat writer Barry Svrluga has a terrific article on why shortstop Ian Desmond is still looking for a big league contract. 

⚾ That's about it for Twitter Tuesday... but,  just one thing in closing...

⚾⚾⚾⚾ I bought this for my Birthday last week, and it arrived today.

Thanks to fanatics.com for getting my purchase here in good time. ⚾

Have a great week of baseball on Twitter, see ya next time!


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