Friday, February 12, 2016

My email inbox: I won a lawsuit against

Last year around opening day I went into my Comcast account and ordered MLB Extra Innings for the 2015 big league season.

I had ordered both the MLB Extra Innings and in the past, depending on weather or not I had cable TV at the time.

I had never, until last year, ever had a problem with the MLB Extra Innings package. 

The thing that attracted me to the MLB Extra Innings package was that, according to the selling points, on my tabket and phone was going to be FREE of charge for ordering MLB Extra Innings...SOLD! 

I order the baseball package in order to watch my Detroit Tigers play baseball....and, I also like watching a Wednesday afternoon game between the Dodgers and Phillies, or a late night West Coast game between the Giants and Cardinals.

I have also gone the route of just paying $2.99 per month and getting all the big league games on local radio calls...listening to almost all Tigers games broadcast by Dan Dickerson and Jim Price. 

I've also listened to the great Vin Scully...what a joy it is! 

OK, so, the first part of 2015 went just well, then, sometime in May, I tried to access on my didn't work....for the rest of the big league baseball season.

I also had Comcast on the phone multiple times in the second half of the year because my MLB Extra Innings package wouldn't work.

Finally someone at told me...months after the trouble started, that my provider, Comcast, wouldn't honor my FREE subscription, even though I was paying for the MLB Extra Innings...which came with the FREE

So, it was quite a surprise when I opened my email tonight to find out that I'll be, along with all baseball fans, receiving my 2016 MLB Extra Innings package at a discount of 12.5%...pretty cool. subscription rates at are $109.99, $20.00 off the usual price of $129.99

There will alao be options so that if you just want games involving your favorite baseball team, you can get that for $89.99.

The guys over at SB★Nation have it all figured out, and is a great read for fans.

Apparently MLB had quite a few baseball fans unhappy during the 2015 season with all the things that I had complained about, plus, Im sure, many, many other issues.

I love baseball, and I will watch as many games on television that I can every season.

It has been very troublesome over the years with poor quality on both big league services...both on my computer or tablet,  and on my TV.

Big league baseball takes in hundreds of millions of dollars, and you'd think that in the year of 2016 that the people running things on the big league level could figure out how to get their product to consumers willing to pay to watch baseball.

Al you have to know about the problems with baseball and its fans, is to create a Twitter account, or a Facebook page...then follow baseball fans, and read the results.

I hope this class action suit has gotten MLB's attention, and that all baseball fans will be able to watch their favorite big league ball it's a Cubs fan in Idaho, a Red Sox fan in New Mexico, or a Tigers fan watching his team from his home in Northeast Florida.

Thanks to all those who took the time to fight for the rights of all baseball receive exactly what we paid watch tge greatest game ever invented.


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