Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#PickRick #VoteRizzo

Time for the annual #FinalVote to chose the final two spots for this year's big league All-Star Game next Tuesday at Target Field in Minneapolis.

As a Detroit Tigers fan I will be doing my due diligence by voting for Tigers RHP Rick Porcello.

Also, the Tigers have teamed up with the Chicago Cubs in the National League for first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

So, it's #PickRick and #VoteRizzo for my fingers as much as I can until the 4pm deadline on Thursday.

You can text as well... for Porcello text "A3" to 89269, text "N4" for Rizzo.

Go to MLB.com to vote or go through the MLB AT BAT APP.

Between Noon and 4pm on Thursday you can hash tag your choice, #PickRick, or #VoteRizzo as many times as you can.



Play Ball!

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