Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Baseball Birthday...City of Detroit

A special Happy Baseball Birthday today to the Motor City.

Today the City of Detroit  celebrates its 313th birthday, founded by the  French on April 24, 1701, as Fort Pontchartrain du D`etroit.

Baseball in Motown dates back well into the 1800s, and the city has been represented by several professional baseball clubs including the 1887 National Campionship Detroit Wolverines, the Nego Leagues Detroit Stars, and the 4 time World Series Champion Detroit Tigers of the American League.

The Wolverines played in Recreation Park, built in the late 1770s.

The Stars played in old Mack Park until a fire destroyed the park in 1929, and then In Hamtramck Park,  built by the Stars owner in 1930.

The cross streets of  Michigan and Trumbull , in the Corktown area of Detroit was the home of proffessional baseball since the building if Bennett Park in the 1880s, and continued with Navin Field, built in 1920, and remaned Briggs Stadium in 1937, and then Tiger Stadium, in 1961.

The Tigers have played in Comerica Park, about a mile from The Cornersince the 2000 baseball season.

Navin Field has be ressurected by the Navin Field Ground Crew, a group of Tigers fans who volunteer their time and money to  maintain to historic ground that was once THE CORNER of Michigan and Trumbull. 

Happy Baseball Birthday Motown!


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