Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Baseball Birthday...75 years of Batman

Today is Batman Day around the D. C. Universe.

Batman first appeared in comics in 1939...the same year Little League Baseball was establushed in Williamsport, Pennsylvania,  and the year the National Baseball Hall of Fane and Museum was opened in Cooperstown,  New York.

I must admit, I'm a Amazing Spiderman guy, but loved watching the 1960s TV show starring Adam West, who's always been my favorite Caped crusader...although I also pick Michael Keaton as the best movie Batman.

Until today I had no idea the great game of baseball was a favorite of Batman.

Living in Gotham City at the time, Bruce Wayne, er, Batman, probably swung by Yankee Stadium to watch a young Joe DiMaggio smashing line drives,  checked out a guy named Willie Mays making basket catches in center field at the Polo Grounds, and dropped by Ebbetts Field to watch 'Dem Bums, the Brooklyn Dodgers.

My guess is that the #1 crime fighter in Gotham was a Dodgers fan...always rootingand cheering for the underdog. 

Thanks to D C Cimucs for the cool #Batman75 logo and awesone comics. 

Thanks to @baseballminutia for tweeting the World's Finest Comics #3 today.

Happy Baseball Birthday Batman!



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