Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Card Corner... Topps Living Set Cards #223-24-25.

Three new cards have been released today for the Topps Living Set collectors, including a young Detroit Tigers pitcher, a slugging Twins outfielder, and a power hitting Hall of Famer.

Card #223 is Vladamir Guerrero, Sr., and POW!, how cool is it that Topps has him as a Montreal Expos player...look at that magnificent Expos ballcap!

Spencer Turnbull, Card #224, a rookie pitcher for the Tigers, who, has shown promise this year, and will definitely be in the Tigers starting rotation in 2020 as the team continues to rebuild for the future.

When you look at these amazing cards, the details are amazing...we can only imagine what those eyes of Spencer are looking at.

Now, I'm not a Minnesota Twins fan, but I'm a baseball fan who likes watch Max Kepler, Card #225, play the game.

Max, and the Twins, are whopping homers at a record pace this year, with Max
contributing a career high 32 HRs...probably why he's smiling!

A friendly reminder that if you're on Twitter, follow @ToppsLivingStats , who hosts a weekly contest where you can win a FREE Topps Living Set card if you correctly predict a card that Topps will release that week.

This week I had a Tigers player, rookie catcher Jake Roger's, who's hitting the ball well for only being up for about a month...but it's great to see any Tigers player in the set, so Turnbull will find his way into my collection.

Until next time, thanks for reading my blog, and, as always...PLAY BALL! ⚾️

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