Friday, June 2, 2017

30 Day Baseball Card Challenge...Day 26

Day 26 of the 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge is a favorite oddball baseball card from the 1980s.

As I have with some posts, I had to google this, because, well, I really didn't feel like going through every single card album and boxes of card I have to find one.

I just got back into this challenge after taking a break, and so I need to get it done quickly, so I don't have another break because of my health.

I found a blog, The Oddball Card Collector, and used his page to help me decide on a set of oddball cards that I like from the 1980s...and what a success it was!

                                                1981 Drake's Big Hitters Baseball Cards

1980s Drake's Heavy Hitters Cards are absolutely awesome and I wish they would've been available in the Jacksonville area when I lived there.

The American League players are in a Red Border, while the National League players had a Blue Border.

Topps produced the cards for Drake's, and the cards were inserted into the company's baked goods products through 1985.

Now I have more Detroit Tigers cards that I need to add to my collection wish list.

Up next in the challenge is a favorite oddball card from 1990 or later...that should be fun to serch for as well.


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