Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Baseball Birthday... Keri Lynn Roche

Today we send out Happy Baseball Birthday! wishes to singer/songwriter and former American Idol contestant Keri Lynn Roche.

I started following Keri Lynn on Facebook and Twitter when she made it to Hollywood on Idol  a few years ago, and although I don't live in Ann Arbor, I support her and hope she continues to reach for all her goals as a musician.

Oh, and Keri Lynn is a Detroit Tigers fan, and that gets her a Happy Baseball Birthday! shoutout here on the blog.

Keri shared the above photo from a Tigers game earlier this year on her Facebook page, and the below photo of her sporting the Olde English D... from her Twitter page....  @kerilynnroche

We love to see celebrities wearing baseball caps, jerseys, t-shirts, etc., of their favorite baseball teams.

We love it even more when it's a celebrity Tigers fan.

Have a great Happy Baseball Birthday Keri Lynn Roche!

Play Ball!

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