Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Facebook's 2015 Big League Baseball "Like" Map

Facebook has issued it's annual baseball fan map for 2015.

The map charts, by US County, each "like" for a baseball fans favorite team.

                          Map from Facebook Sports Page.

The Kansas City Royals added alot of Midwestern baseball fans after their magical 2014 run to the World Series, losong to the San Francisco Giants in 7 games.

Surprise,  surprise, the New York Yankees are still America's most "liked" team.

I always look to North Florida, Duval County, on the map, hoping to see some Detroit Tigers orange, but, alas, its still not visable.

For most of my 34 years in Jacksonville, the Atlanta Braves dominated the fan base, thanks to Super Station TBS, which had every single Braves game on TV.

Now, with more cable TV channels, and baseball games availability on digital...computers, tablets, phones, there appears to be a shift toward the Yankees, even though we get both the Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays on TV almost every day.

One final's always great to look at the map and see the Tigers dominating that northern Ohio area around Toledo, the hone of the Tigers AAA Mudhens.

It's April, and that means baseball season is about to begin.

No matter where you call home, enjoy the 2015 big league baseball season.


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