Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jacksonville Armada FC

This isn't a post about baseball,  but I had to show the logo for the new Jacksonville Armada FC soccer team.

The team logo was unveiled at a ceremony today in downtown Jacksonville. 


I've lived in Jacksonville for 33 years, and remember the old Jacksonville Tea Men games played down at the old Gator Bowl.

I found a old Jax Tea Men logo and noticed automatically that it alao had a sailor themed logo.

I love this logo because it defines myself, my city, and the United States Navy, a huge part of the City of Jacksonville, and my life.

For 4 1/2 years I served in the Navy, most of them at the Mayport Naval Station, on the USS Edward McDonnell(FF-1043).

Besides my Naval service, I'm also, as Jimmy Buffet sings, "...a Son, of  a Son, of a sailor."

My father, Tommie, and his father, were also in the Navy, with my Grandfather, my namesake, John Sharp, having served in World War II.

I admit I'm not the biggest soccer fan, but I'll be at that first Armada match...remember that baseball fans...their soccer matches, not games, cheering on our #AwesomeArmada.

The Jacksonville Armada will begin play in April if 2015.

Go Aramada!

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