Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Baseball Birthday...Beth Ann Sharp

Today I am celebrating my late sister, Beth Ann Sharp,  for today's Happy Baseball Birthday.

Beth was born on February 3rd, 1973, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
She was the only girl, the babby girl, of Tommie Laman and Dorothy Ann Sharp.

My babby Sister was 13 years younger than I was when she was born, a gift from God, while my Mon and Dad were  in the 9th inning of thier marriage.

Beth loved her 4 brothers, but our love of her was unconditional and never ending, for her very brief 36 years here on this earth.
She and I loved talking about our Detroit Tigers,  and our Michigan Wolverines.

My Sister graduated from Portage Northern HS in 1992, just 14 years after her oldest brother John....that's me, graduated from the very same school.

We were always connected in that, my brothers all went to school here in JAX,  but we went, and got that piece of paper, that Diploma, from roaming the very same halls at Portage Northern.

My Sister Beth passed away in March, 2009, at age 36, from a fall she took during a asthma attack, in her home, in Holland, MI.

Every February 3rd I think of my beautiful babby Sister, and how as I was calling her to wish her well on her day that she would remind me that in 16 days I would once again be 13 years older...she loved doing that...we would just laugh.

Our February birthdays were also a reminder that baseball was just a few weeks away, and that meant the Tigers were back for another year of baseball.

Happy Birthday babby Sister, I love you, we all love you, we all miss you.

We will meet again someday again, in Heaven.

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