Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Topps omits Pete Rose from 2013 baseball cards

I tried writing this earlier, but got let down, again, by my shaky hands.

I first read about Topps Baseball ignoring Pete Rose on their 2013 baseball card backs in a article by Rob Harris over at Chicago Side

On the back of every player card this year Topps includes a special CAREER CHASE line, showing how many home runs, hits, stolen bases, etc., that player is from the All-Time leader.

Look at the back of Ryan Howard's card, third row under PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES...

Howard is 462 home runs away from Barry Bonds All-Time home run record of 762.

Now look at this card of Kirk Nieuwenhuis.

Kirk is just 4,185 hits away from the All-Time record of 4,256.


Baseball is so ridiculous that it prohibited Topps from putting Pete Rose's name on the back of a baseball card?

Because Rose is suspended from baseball, he cannot be a part of any MLB promotions.


How could Rose be part of the Topps promotion, it's just his name, no likeness, no Reds cap or uniform.

Oh, by the way, Topps must have forgotten the 25 years Pete Rose was on their baseball cards.

Look, I get that Rose is suspended.

I get he can't be part of baseball.

That said, I think it's very silly that MLB and Topps won't even acknowledge in print, on the back of a baseball card, that Pete Rose actually recorded every one of those 4,256 hits.

Topps and MLB will, however, allow Barry Bonds name to appear on cards, even though Bonds is widely accepted as a know steroids user.

 Because Bonds actually hit every one of those 762 home runs.

I'd say every one of Rose's 4,256 hits were legitimate hits.

I seriously doubt that about many of Bonds home runs.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on the story. The whole experience of this has been an eye-opener, that's for sure. I think, as it seems you do, that this was a very mean and petty act on Topps and MLB's part.

    Rose messed up by gambling on baseball, no question about that, but now people know about the depths that are being sunk to in order to humiliate him. If this was supposed to be an inside baseball thing, it's not inside anymore. And I'm willing to take the credit for that.

    All the best to you.