Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Baseball Birthday...Drew Henson

Today's Happy Baseball Birthday! wishes go out to former New York Yankees 3rd baseman and Michigan Wolverine quarterback Drew Henson.

Drew was born 33 years ago today, February 13th, 1980.

He grew up in Brighton, Michigan, and became a baseball legend at a young age.

In 1998 he enrolled at the University of Michigan, his dream since he was a little boy.

Henson was the National Baseball Player of the Year as a Senior in High School, where he blasted prodigious home runs and threw touchdowns with his rocket right arm.

At Michigan Henson battled Tom Brady for playing time, and he played well when he got the chance.

Henson was drafted by the New York Yankees, gave him a ton of money, and Drew left Michigan after his Junior year to play baseball in the minors, no more college football.

Drew never made it in baseball, playing in just 8 games in two years with the Yankees, going 1-9, with a .111 batting average.

I still believe had Henson stayed at Michigan for his Senior year he would have won the Heisman Trophy.

Drew did play briefly in the NFL, with the Cowboys and Lions, but he was well removed from playing football, and his skills were not the same.

Over on my Twitter page I follow Drew, and have had Twitter conversations with Drew, he seems to be a good guy.

Happy Baseball Birthday Drew...and Go Blue!

Play Ball!

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