Saturday, January 19, 2013

Passing of "The Man"

This has turned into a very sad day indeed.

Earlier today I wrote about the passing of former Baltimore Orioles skipper Earl Weaver, who died at age 82.

And now we learn of the passing of Hall of Fame St. Louis Cardinal Stan "The Man" Musial.

What do I remember the most about the great Cardinal and National League Most Valuable Player?

Stan Musial was a great ambassador of baseball, and he loved to talk about the great game and to have fun, which is why we all played the game as young boys and girls.

Nobody had more fun, had a bigger smile, than "The Man," who loved to play "Take me out to the Ballgame" on the harmonica.

Stan Musial played all 22 seasons with the Redbirds, hit 475 home runs in his big league career, and his 3,630 hits were divided evenly, 1,815 on the road, 1,815 in Sportsman's Park in St' Louis.

Musial's last season in the big leagues, 1962,  was Pete Rose's first season in the big leagues.

As a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) , I vote every year for the BBA Most Valuable Player, named the "Stan Musial Award."

The Hall of Fame election this year by the Baseball Writers Association of America resulted in no one being selected.

I guess the greatest game every played needed two more angels today, a manager, and a left fielder/first baseman.

Here's some of the reaction's on Twitter tonight in honor of "The Man."

God Bless Stan Musial and Play Ball!

We lost a baseball legend today, but his legacy will live on...

The entire St. Louis Cardinals family is deeply saddened by the passing of Hall of Famer Stan Musial at the age of 92

Bob Broeg told me that in '46 at Ebbets Field, fans chanted, "Here comes the man." He began writing, "Stan the Man."

My prayers are with the Musial family tonight. I will cherish my friendship with Stan for a long as I live. Rest in Peace.

RIP, Stan Musial and Earl Weaver

"As remarkable as 'Stan the Man' was on the field, he was a true gentleman in life." – Commissioner Bud Selig: 

A sad for the Hall of Fame family. The Hall of Fame obituary for Stan Musial who passed away on Saturday.  

We mourn the passing of  icon and Hall of Famer Stan Musial, who has passed away at the age of 92

Cardinal nation, my thoughts are with you! Stan and Lil were paragons of life

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  1. Stan the Man... one of my boyhood heroes. Thanks for the remembrance, John.