Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Ton Selleck

Today we celebrate the 68th birthday of Detroit Tigers fan Tom Selleck.

Selleck was born in Detroit, Michigan on this day in 1945, the same year the Tigers would win the World Series over the Chicago Cubs.

Coincidence or not that Selleck was born the same year the Tigers got back slugging Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg back after World War II...?

I've seen Mr. Selleck in several TV interviews talk about his growing up a Tigers fan, and wanting to be his hero, Tigers Hall of Fame RF Al Kaline.

Selleck's love of the Tigers even spilled into his famous TV show, Magnum, P.I., as the actor wore a Tigers ball cap during many of the show's episodes.

I wasn't an avid watcher of Magnum, P.I., but I will always remember the appearance of two Tigers legends on the show.

These days Selleck plays NYC Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on the hit CBS show Blue Bloods, one of my favorite TV shows.

Happy Birthday Tom, and Go Tigers!

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