Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Mop Up

This past weekend we had the first weekend of inter league play, capped off by the Boston Red Sox defeating the Chicago Cubs, 5-1, in the first match up between the two teams in Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series.

I like inter league play, but I think it might be time to tweak the schedule.

While I like the Yankees-Mets, and the Cubs-ChiSox(always rooting for the Cubs), the Brewers-Rockies, and Astros-Blue Jays aren't compelling games.

Speaking of the Jays, Tony Bautista continues to hit home runs, and now leads the big leagues with 18.

Since the start of the 2010 baseball year, Joey Bats has smacked 72 homers, most in the big leagues.

Right on his tale is another unlikely HR hitter, the Yankees Curtis Granderson, who has 16 long balls.

As a Tigers fan, I didn't like the trade of Granderson to the Yanks after the 2009 season, because Granderson was, and still is a terrific player.

The Tigers traded Granderson because they felt they needed a better leadoff guy, and Granderson was striking out to much for their liking. 

As the Tigers offense continues to struggle, Granderson would look very nice at the top of the Tigers line up right now.

The Boston Red Sox are 25-20, winners of 8 of 10 games, and have officially put the rest of the A.L. East on notice that the Red Sox, after a miserable start, are still the team to beat.

The Red Sox have to much talent not to win the East, especially when you look at the Yankees pitching staff. Other than C.C Sabathia, does anyone fear anyone else in that rotation? 

How did the Cleveland Indians get 7 games in front of the pack in the A.L. Central, and the Minnesota Twins get in last place, 14 1/2 games behind them?

Matt Joyce of the Tampa Bay Rays leads the A.L. in batting, at .355. Another former Detroit Tigers player who the team gave up on to soon.

Chase Utley returns to the Phillies today.

The All-Star 2nd baseman hasn't played this season, and the Phillies are in 1st place, 1 1/2 games ahead of the Florida Marlins. 

The Phillies great starting pitching has done it's job, and with the return of one of their best hitters, the Philadelphia is, in my opinion, still the team to beat.

Today is the start of a three game series between the Tigers and the Rays, in Detroit.
It's also the start of three straight games that I will have to watch the worst play by play announcer in baseball, Dewayne Staats.

Because of the MLB blackout policy, I cannot watch the Tigers broadcast on my computer, as the Rays, some 5 hours away from my home in Jacksonville, Florida, are protected.

I will have more about Staats in an up coming article about my favorite, and not so fave, baseball broadcasters.

I need Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers to strike out 5, or more, batters tonight in Houston in my FOX Baseball Hot Streak pick 'em.

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