Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance

As the great Chico Escuela once said, "baseball has been very, very good to me..."

I had been looking to find a new carer since I became disabled in 2009.

I had to find something to keep me busy, and so my wife taught me how to get onto the Internet.

 A whole new world of sports, and sports fans had been opened up to me, including finding the great game of big league baseball at and

As time went on I traveled all around the web, finding out that there were actual baseball fans who were writing there own opinions, thoughts, and passion for our National Pastime.

The passion for big league baseball, and baseball in general, couldn't be any better than the passionate fans who are members of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance

Every form of baseball, from the minors, to the majors, is covered by the great writers on the BBA.

Daniel Shoptaw, a fan of the St.Louis Cardinals, started the BBA in 2009, and a terrific interview with him is here, on the blog Miscellaneous Baseball.

It was an honor to be accepted into this great fraternity of baseball lovers, fans who show their love of the game and their teams with every stroke of the keyboard.

Today is Baseball Bloggers Alliance Day, a day in which the blog members of the BBA will write about their blogs and the alliance we are all a part of.

Every big league team is represented in the BBA, and there are also blogs, like this one, covering baseball in general, and the history of our National Pastime.

What I love about the BBA is that it has one, and only one requirement...

...that you keep up your passion and love of the game of baseball by writing about baseball as much as you can, keeping your blog going with the passion of a Ty Cobb spikes high slide into 3rd base.

For a link to the BBA list of blogs, go here.

There are 32 blogs on the Yankees and Mets, 10 San Francisco Giants blogs, 9 Philadelphia Phillies blogs, and even 8 Kansas City Royals fan bloggers who write passionately about George Brett, Bret Saberhagen, and weather or not Zack Greinke will stay a Royal, or be traded.

The game of baseball has no equal in sports history.

Dating back to the 1869 Cincinnati Red Legs, pro baseball will be entering it's 142nd season in 2011.

The blog you are reading is my passion for the game I have loved since my uncle taught me how to play in the mid 1960's.
I write about baseball history, and what I love about America's grand game.

I hope you will check out some of the other blogs that are in the BBA. They are outstanding fans who live and die with their teams for 162 days of the year, and then wonder what next year will bring the other 203 days of the year.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown will be enshrining it's 75th class of big league immortals, and the writers of the BBA will be voting on who we believe belong in that hallowed hall.

It is just one of several opportunities we writers have to let the baseball world know how we, as fans, see the sport we have loved since the days of our innocence.
"Baseball, I think, is the greatest sport of all..." George Herman "Babe" Ruth


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