Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My Mailbox...1960 Topps Detroit Tigers Team Card

This My Mailbox post is to thank Cards From The Attic for making this old Tigers fan very happy by sending me this 1960 Topps Detroit Tigers Team Card. 

Up until it arrived last week, I had never held a '60 Tigers Team Card in my hands...it was a joyous day that I wasn't sure would ever happen.

Being born in 1960 I always wanted, one day, to complete an entire set of Tigers cards from that Topps set, and this is a great addition.

One of the best things going on over on Twitter is Cards From The Attic and his awesome giveaways  and contests.

If you're a tweeter, follow the account, and enjoy the 4th of July by talking vintage baseball cards along with your barbeques, ball games, and fireworks...It will be worth your time!



  1. Beautiful card. Love 1960 Topps baseball.

    1. Cards From the Attic is great. His contests and love of old cards on his Twitter page have allowed us to make great new collector friends.