Friday, March 24, 2017

Back on the radio.

Back seven years ago I had a little radio show on Blog Talk Radio.

I really didn't know what I was doing, I just wanted to talk about sports...I still don't know what I'm doing, but hey, that's life.

My health and a few other setbacks caused me to stop doing the show, but I always hoped to get back into it.

Tomorrow that day is here as I'll re-start my sports radio venture again.

A few things...

⚾ It's all baseball this time around. ⚾

Yes, all things baseball, including this blog, collecting baseball cards, and anything else I can think of.

Last time it was all sports...and that's too much for me anymore, so it's all about Our National Pastime.

⚾ I hope to do the show every Monday through Friday at 1pm.

This is my Home Page.... Big John on Baseball

That's a good time, I hope, as there are lots of 1pm games still going on in Spring Training and at the start of the season there are lots of 1pm day baseball games.

* I continue to battlehealth problems every day, so some shows may be delayed, or re-scheduled.

⚾ I want to include baseball card collecting this time around.

I hope this attracts a good group of listeners, as many of the baseball blogs I follow are of the card collecting variety.

⚾ I'll have guests talking baseball as much as I callers, just guests that love to talk baseball like I do.

So, that's about all for right now... I should go get some sleep, since my first show back is less that 12 hours away.

Until then... Play Ball!

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