Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Baseball Bulletin... National Trivia Day, January 4, 2017

So, I just found out that today is National Trivia Day, and, well, I'd thought I'd do a 9 question trivia post about baseball.

Good Luck!

⚾ 1... I'm reading the book Brooks, The Biography of Brooks Robinson... many Gold Gloves did Brooks win playing 3rd Base in his career?

A. 6  B. 10  C. 16  D. 18.

⚾ 2... My hero, Bill Freehan, was the first catcher to win _____ consecutive Gold Glove Awards. 

A. 2  B. 5  C. 7  D. 10.

⚾ 3... New York Yankees Hall of Fame 1st Baseman Lou Gehrig played college baseball at ___________________.

⚾ 4... Name the only Braves ballplayer to play in all three (3) cities... Boston, Milwaukee, and Atlanta. ______________.

⚾ 5... The $100,000 infield played baseball for the...

A. Boston Red Sox  B.  New York Yankees C.  Washington Senators D. Philadelphia Athletics.

⚾ 6... Jackie Robinson was playing baseball with the _______________ in the Negro National League with what team when he signed with the old Brooklyn Dodgers?

⚾ 7... Los Angeles Dodgers longtime baseball play by play man, the legendary Vin Scully, retired after the 2016 many years did Vin broadcast Dodgers games?

A. 60 years  B. 56 years  C. 44 years.  D. 67 years.

⚾ 8... Match the baseball team with the teams celebrity super fan...

A. Jon Hamm                               1. Pittsburgh Pirates

B. J.K. Simmons                           2. Boston Red Sox

C. Josh Charles                             3.  Cleveland Indians

D.  President Barack Obama     4. New York Yankees

E. Maria Menounos                     5. Baltimore Orioles

D. Drew Carey                               6. St. Louis Cardinals

E. Beyonce                                      7. Los Angeles Dodgers

F. Michael Keaton                         8. Detroit Tigers

G. Alyssa Milano                            9. Chicago White Sox

⚾ 9... What Boston Red Sox player walked n the 9th inning of Game 4 of the 2004 American League Championship Series vs New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, leading to the BoSox comeback win, forcing a Game 5?

A. David Ortiz B. Kevin Millar C. Dave Roberts D. Doug Mientkiewicz.

⚾⚾⚾⚾ Extra Credit...

What's my Twitter handle?  


I'll have the answers in a post tomorrow...please leave your answers in the comments...Thanks!

Play Ball! 

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  1. Your answers are... 1) 16 2) 5 3) Columbia 4) Eddie Matthews 5) 1910-15 Philadelphia Athletics 6) Kansas City Monarchs 7) 67 years.
    8) Jon Hamm, Cardinals, J.K. Simmons, Tigers, Josh Charles, Orioles, President Obama, White Sox, Maria Menounos, Red Sox,Drew Carey, Indians, Beyonce, Yankees, Michael Keaton, Pirates, Alyssa Milano, Dodgers.

    9) Kevin Millar

    My Twitter handle... @freehan11

    How'd you do?