Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Mailbox today...

Today's Mailbox find was a very cool piece that I had ordered a few weeks ago.

I just had to have this awesome Tiger Stadium blueprint poster.

Of course  it came rolled up in a tube, so I am using some books to straighten it out...Miguel Cabrera and the Tigers Media Guide are helping.

I absolutely love old Tiger Stadium.

It was the stadium that I first went to back in 1967, the first ballpark of my youth, the place where my heroes, the Detroit Tigers played baseball, it was special.

The 1971 All-Star Game was played in the old ballpark, and, as expected, the Grand Ole Lady of the Motor City put on a spectacular display of baseball in the American League's 6-4 victory.

⚾If you're interested in this, here's the link I shared on my Facebook page.

⚾Here's a link from Etsy...

⚾⚾⚾And here's the page for artist Charles Kee... who's grew up in Michigan and loved the Tigers and Tiger Stadium as well.

Until the next mailbox wonder...Play Ball!

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