Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Spring Training Caps for 2016.

When my Detroit Tigers report to spring training on Friday, February 19th (my 56th Birthday...coincidence? ), the team will be sporting new ballcaps.

Every big league ball club will wear new caps and jerseys, some teams, like Detroit, Minnesota, and Tampa Bay, will have two different caps and jerseys, and each cap will have either a FL patch for the Grapefruit League or AZ patch for the Cactus League.

There is already, as expected, a buzz on social media about the new look for the teams, and yes, there are some hits... I, for what it's worth, love the Tigers caps, as well as the new White Sox, Blue Jays, Athletics, Twins, and Red Sox.

The very best cap may well be the retro Milwaukee Brewers cap.

Another big winner is the cap for the defending World Series Champion Kansas City Royals.

There are also some misses, like the Rays light blue cap.

The Rays other cap is much better.

Some of the caps are just OK, and are kinda like the teams regular caps.

What ballcaps do you like, don't like?

What about your favorite teams caps, Yes or No?

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For a gallery of all the new Spring Training ballcaps, go to

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