Friday, August 7, 2015

Happy Baseball Birthday...Steve Kemp

Today we say Happy Baseball Birthday! to former big league ballplayer Steve Kemp.

Steve Kemp was born on August 7, 1954, in San Angelo, Texas.

The Detroit Tigers selected Steve with the #1 pick in the 1976 amateur baseball draft, and on April 7, 1977, made his big league debut for the Tigers.

When you hit left handed, hit for power, Tiger Stadium was made for a slugger like Steve Kemp.

Steve Kemp played in 684 games  for the Tigers during yhe 1977-1981 seasons, including his only All-Star season of '79, when he hit 27 home runs and had 105 RBI.

Steve Kemp was traded to the White Sox after the 1981 baseball year for Chet Lemon.

Steve played just one year of the South Side of Chicago before signing with the Yankees in 1982.

Steve was traded to the Pirates after the 1984 season, and played with the Buccos until 1986.

Steve finished up his big league career after 16 gamed in 1988 with the Texas Rangers.

In 11 big league seasons Steve Kemp played in 1168 ballgames, batting .278, with 130 home runs and 634 RBI.

Steve was also a good outfielder, finishing with a .982 fielding percentage.

Happy Baseball Birthday! Steve Kemp!

Play Ball! 

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