Tuesday, July 14, 2015

American League or National League fan?

The 86th Major League Baseball All-Star Game takes place at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati Tuesday night.

Growing up as a kid loving the Detroit Tigers I also learned to support the American League in the annual All-Star Game and World Series...although I refused to root for the Yankees in the Series.

Growing up cheering on the Junior Circuit wasn't easy in the 1970s, as the A.L. lost in every game except the 1971 game at Tiger Stadium in Detroit. 

The A.L. wouldn't win another All-Star Game between '72-'82, breaking the streak at Comiskey Park in Chicago behind the only All-Star Game Grand Slam Home Run, off the bat of the Angels Fred Lynn.

Are you a fan of the Senior Circuit guys in the National League or are you, like myself, a Junior Circuit fan that roots for the American League guys?

Take the poll on the top right hand corner of this blog, and, if youd like, leave a comment on why you root for your team and league. 

Thanks for reading my blog and participating in the poll.

Play Ball!

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