Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Big League Power Rankings...May 28th, 2013

Every week baseball writers and bloggers across the country submit a big league power rankings list, some just the top five teams, some top 10, and many all 30 big league teams.

So, I was figuring I'd try to do a list myself, and I figured, heck, why not be bold, include all 30 clubs.

In no way am I saying this is the correct list, it's just my list.

So, here it is, the first ever JBLBB Power Rankings, teams 1-30.

30...Miami Marlins
29...Houston Astros
28...Milwaukee Brewers
27...Minnesota Twins
26...Chicago Cubs
25... New York Mets
24... Los Angeles Dodgers
23...Seattle Mariners
22...Toronto Blue Jays
21...San Diego Padres
20...Kansas City Royals
19...Philadelphia Phillies
18...Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
17...Chicago White Sox

The above teams are all the teams with losing records though yesterday's games.(Memorial Day).

The Marlins are setting the bar very low in their play, and really need Giancarlo Stanton and Logan Morrison to get back from injuries to get the team going.

Morrison has joined the Marlins Double A squad in Jacksonville to continue his rehab.

Before all you ChiSox and Angels fans get mad, understand that I had to pool all the teams with losing records together.

I suspect in a week, or two, both teams will be on a winning streak, and look, the ChiSox are only 5 games back in the A.L. Central.

As for the Dodgers, well, a 13-15 record at home just isn't good.

Now for the teams with winning records.

This is tough, but here they are...

16...Cleveland Indians
15...Colorado Rockies
14...Tampa Bay Rays
13...Washington Nationals
12... Baltimore Orioles
11...Oakland A's
10...Pittsburgh Pirates
9...New York Yankees
8...Detroit Tigers
7...San Francisco Giants
6...Arizona Diamondbacks
5...Texas Rangers
4...Boston Red Sox
3...Atlanta Braves
2...Cincinnati Reds
1...St. Louis Cardinals

Year after year the St. Louis Cardinals find a way to win, and they have the best record in baseball, at 33-17.

The Reds are playing well and keeping the Redbirds in their sights.

I have the Yankees at #9.

No Derek Jeter, no Alex Rodriguez, and after a brief comeback, no Curtis Granderson.

The Yankees do have Mariano Rivera, who's perfect, as usual, saving games for the Pinstripers, and Joe Girardi is the A.L. Manager of the Year as of today.

I have the defending World Series Champion SF Giants at #7, which is right where they like to be, I think, while other teams make headlines early before they start to make their move.

Well, agree, or disagree, there's my poll, from the bottom dwelling Miami Marlins to the Cardinals in St. Louis.

Comments are welcome anytime, after all, I'm no expert, just a baseball fan giving my humble opinion.

Good Luck to your team...and Go Tigers!

Play Ball!!

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