Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Countdown to Opening Day, by the Numbers...#5

And now, it's time for baseball.

The Super Bowl ends the football season, and gives us pause, and awaiting the arrival of pitchers and catchers in Florida and Arizona.

Our countdown to Opening Day 2011 continues with a look at our National Pastime and the #5, the slider, and 3rd base on your scorecard.

Five is the number of consecutive World Series Titles for the 1949-53 Bronx Bombers.

#5 is Tigers OF Jim Northrup, and Dodgers 1st Baseman Mike Marshall.

#5 is the great Albert Pujols, the best 1st baseman, and the best hitter in baseball.

#5 is the slick fielding, power combination of Mr. Royal, George Brett, pine tar and all.

Five is the best 3rd baseman during my childhood, #5, Brooks Robinson, the "Human Vacuum."

5 is the number of consecutive Gold Gloves won by Tigers catcher Bill Freehan from 1965-69, the 1st big league catcher to accomplish the feat.

Number 5 is the grandeur of Joe DiMaggio, the Yankee Clipper, who was born to play Center Field at Yankee Stadium.

#5 is the best catcher who ever squatted behind Home Plate, a kid from Binger, Oklahoma named Johhny Bench.

#5 is the Tampa Bay Rays Rocco Baldelli, Hall of Fame Indians short stop Lou Boudreau, and the power of the Astros slugging 1st baseman Jeff Bagwell.

#5 is for the Florida Marlins Carl Barger, their 1st ever President, who passed away before the team ever played a game. The Marlins retired #5 on April 5th, 1993, the teams 1st game, in his memory.

#5 is the first player to ever win an MVP Award at two different positions, the Detroit Tigers Hank Greenberg won the awards at 1st base and left field.

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