Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yes, I've got a Mowhawk .!

My friends and family members will tell you that there's no way they ever thought I would get a Mowhawk haircut, not me, it's not in my nature, and they would be correct, however, as Bob Dylan once said, the times, they are a changing.

So, why then, would I do it.?

It's real simple, because I wanted to.

Now, I didn't just wake up one morning and decide to get a Mowhawk, although one day I would like to just shave my head. No, what happened was simple, I decided to join  a group of guys who are changing things up in their lives, have some fun at work, and so they got together and got  Mowhawks.

When I first saw the pictures I said, what's going on, that looks crazy, is that really Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avilla sporting a Mowhawk. A Mohawk, on a Detroit Tiger, ball players from Detroit just don't do those things, not in the Motor City. 

 This team is not like Tiger teams of the past, and so when a few pitchers on the Tigers, lead by reliever Joel Zumaya and Phil Coke, egged on by Tigers outfielder Johnny Damon, decided they were going to have some fun and get Mowhawks. It then spread throughout the Tigers bullpen, and as of Thursday's shot out of the New York Yankees, 10, or more Tiger players have decided a Mowhawk was just the right look for them to.

Now that's what I call team unity, so, being a Tiger fan since the age of seven, I really had no choice. This is my team, they are my players, I am a fan, and so I told my wife I wanedt to support my team, I want a Mowhawk.

As for myself, I really didn't know what her reaction would be. Earlier in the week I suggested that I would like to grow my goatee out, like this guy I saw, who's goatee was a good three inches long. That idea was quickly nixed, and so I thought she would probably not go for the new look, but, and this is why I love her so..."OK, that would be great."

And with that, my wife got out the clippers, and there you have it...I have a Mowhawk...just like the guys who wear the Old English "D."

Now, what I thought I would do was take this Mohawk idea and run with it, and so I will be sending a check to the Tigers for one of their charities, a check for $11.00...that's right, $11.00...because that's the number of my Tiger hero Bill Freehan.

My hope is that one or more of the players will find out about my donation, albeit a small one, and decide to match my donation...maybe by matching their jersey numbers...and adding a few zeros to them, for a great Tiger cause in the Detroit community.

So, here I go, Mowhawk in tack, rooting on my Tigers, and hoping some young Tiger fan will be helped out along the way.

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