Friday, March 22, 2019

Baseball Bulletin...March 22, 2019

As we head into the final weekend of Spring Training baseball games, lets look around ye olde Internet to see what's going on.

Our friend, Collecting Cutch, has a TERRIFIC contest going on... you can win this awesome Carl Yastrzemski card.



    ⚾️📸 Baseball Picture of the Day 📸⚾️   

Just saw this on Twitter...2-time NL MVP Dale Murphy posting this today.

What baseball fan didn't have that great POWER ALLEY poster hanging on their walls in the 1980s!

Speaking of the 1980s, a young man who almost certainly had that poster, and the #1 authority (well, I hink so anyway), on the '80s, Dubmentality, has a terrific look at the JUNK FOOD era.

⚾️🎂🎁 Happy Baseball Birthday! to the man who should be Commissioner of Baseball, the great Bob Costas, who's 67 today.

⚾️🐟 The big news across baseball this week was the Angels $420 million contract extension of Mike Trout.

Many fans wanted Trout to play baseball somewhere else, like the Yankees, so he has a chance to play after the 162nd game of the year, but I like that Trout stayed, it's where he belongs.

Rhett Bolinger writes why the 2-time AL MVP is comfortable playing with the Angels.

Baseball needs players like Trout to play their entire careers with one team, and not run off to the highest bidder every few years.

Besides, the analytical goofballs are bad enough with Trout now, if he went to play for the Cubs, Phillies, Red Sox, or Dodgers, I think their heads would explode.

⚾️🖋 Other players signing news...

🖋  Paul Goldschmidt was traded to the St. Louis in the off season, and now the Cardinals want to keep him long term, reports Jennifer Langosch.

🖋 The Ray's are making sure the 2019 AL Cy Young Award winner through the 2023 season.

🖋 The World Series Champion Boston Red Sox appear headed to a new contract.

⚾️ Sarah Langs at has all of your Opening Day Starters. (so far).

⚾️ The great Ichiro Suzuki  took a bow for the final time on Thursday, fittingly, in his native Japan. 🇯🇵⚾️

There's always talk about waving the 5 year limit on putting a players name on the Hall of Fame ballot when tragedy strikes, like Lou Gehrig, Roberto Clemente, and Roy Halladay, passing away much to young.

In Ichiro's case, while there's no tragedy, the 10 time All-Star and AL MVP should be Inducted into the HOF in player in history excelled playing baseball in Japan and America like he did...and most likely we'll never see a player do it again.

            ⚾️ Baseball Card of the Day ⚾️

My friend Steve at White Sox Cards has a interesting look at the 1960 Topps Norm Cash baseball card.

🤣 While you're watching March Madness and those final games in the Grapefruit & Cactus leagues, make sure you get involved in the Garbage Pail Kids Tournament over on Twitter.... lots of cool prizes up for grabs!

Let's make sure Homer Runt makes it into the next round!

Well, that'll do it for now...time to take some pain meds and lay down.

Have a awesome weekend!



  1. So many links to read, so little time!!!!!

  2. I'm hoping a ton of people buy that Ichiro card, so I can pick up a copy for my collection on the cheap.