Tuesday, February 6, 2018

There's Only one Miggy

Series One Topps Baseball Cards haven't been out a week yet, but I've found a early candidate for worst card of the year.

Look at this card and tell me what's wrong.

See it? 

Miggy and Hos? 

Miguel Sano has played in the big leagues since 2015.

In all the baseball games I watched him play in, all the MLB Network and ESPN shows, all the baseball related articles I've read about the young slugging 3rd Baseman of the Minnesota Twins, not one single time did I ever hear or see him refered to as... Miggy.

Miggy... are you kidding me with this Topps?

How can this happen...who's the proof reader responsible for this travesty? 

The only Miggy playing big league baseball wears the uniform of the Detroit Tigers, and his name is Miguel Cabrera!

The 2012 and 2013 American League MVP became the first player to win Baseball's Triple Crown in 2012, is a .317 career hitter, on his way to hitting 500 home runs and collecting 3,000 base hits on his way to the Hall of Fame.

OK, I get it, as a Tigers fan I'm probably overly sensitive to this, after all, it's just a baseball card, right?


Baseball cards are an important part of being a fan and card collector.

It's a little thing on the card, "Miggy," but to me, and many Tigers fans, having a 4th year Twins ballplayer being refered by the same nickname as our legendary slugger, well, it's just not right.

If you think I'm crazy, OK, but hit the links to both players pages and look at their " nicknames" and you'll find that I'm right.

There's only one Miggy...and his name is Miguel Cabrera!

Go Tigers! 🐯⚾️ 

Play Ball! 


  1. I don't think you're too far off base here. From a pure baseball fan standpoint, I'm not a fan of that. You're right, there's only one "Miggy". There's nothing wrong with two players having the same nickname (can't really control that) but when a baseball card company tries to do's like the player giving themselves the name.

  2. And only one Pudge!

    Actually, when I saw this card, I didn't even notice it was Sano instead of Cabrera. I assumed Cabrera and thought it was weird when I saw it a second time and realized.

  3. That is really dumb...I thought the same thing when they did one with "Papi and the Prince" a couple years back. Prince..that's Fielder, right?

    Nope. It was Pujols. I get that there was a Price Albert like a thousand years ago, but I've never heard anyone refer to Pujols as "The Prince"

    "The Machine", yes. "El Hombre", sure. "The Prince" ?!?

    Topps should just stop with the 'clever' combos already.