Saturday, April 10, 2021

Baseball History- First Padres No-Hitter

The San Diego Padres first season in the big leagues was 1968, and, finally, 53 years, and 8,306 games later, the first No-Hitter in Padres history was tossed by Joe Musgrove, a young man who grew just 13 miles from Petco Park. 

⚾ The Padres are the final big league ballclub to have a pitcher toss a No-Hitter, although, if replay were around at the time, Johan Santana's no-no for the Mets would've been overturned. ⚾

⭕ Here's a look at the first no hitter for each club.

👉Not everyone is a fan of Topps Now cards, but to me, they showcase baseball history, and, for events like this, I'll definitely want to add one to my collection.

Now, I get that $9.99 is a lot for a Topps NOW card, so I'll probably go the eBay route on this, probably for around $5.00, or so...after all, I've already gotten a few cards of young Tigers phenom Akil Baddoo.

So, congratulations to all the great Padres fans out there, and, welcome to the club.

Play BALL! ⚾

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  1. It was nice to see the Padres finally cross this accomplishment off their list. I was telling one of my buddies that I had a feeling they'd do it this year... but I had the wrong pitcher. I thought Darvish would be the guy to do it.