Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Tigers Card Tuesday... Topps Living Set Graded GEM MINT 10 Matt Boyd

Today's Tigers Card Tuesday! is a first for me.

I actually bought a graded baseball card.

Not just any baseball card.

  2019 Topps Living Set #129, Matthew Boyd

I just couldn't pass up bidding on a PSA Gem Mint 10 of my guy! 

I'm not a graded card collector, although I do have a few, from winning a couple, to having a few graded cards sent to me by fellow collectors, like the 1955 Bowman Al Kaline that Collecting Cutch sent me.

➡️ Boyd Binder card count-  155

      🐯⚾ Matthew Boyd cards- 124


🔟 Are you a graded card collector?

Do you collect graded cards of a certain player, or team? 

Thanks for taking time to read my blog, I really appreciate it. 

Have a great week...Yeah BOYD! 


  1. According to Wikipedia, he's distantly related to Bob Feller and Dolley Madison.

  2. Yeah... I collect slabbed cards. My reasons have varied over the years. At one point the idea of owning a PSA 10 copy of a rookie card was cool. Then I started buying slabbed vintage for authentication purposes. These days... it's a little bit of both... but I've cut back significantly due to rising prices.