Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Card Corner...Topps 150... Ty Cobb

Anytime I can add a cool Tigers card that has The Georgia Peach on it in a classic pose, it's a good thing.

For one week Topps will offer this beautiful card of Ty Cobb, part of the Topps 150 Years of Baseball card set.

What makes this card is that the Cobb image is actually an special Artist Rendition by the famed baseball artist Graig Kreindler.

Kreindler says that he will have 20 of his artist renditions in the set

Each week Topps releases three different cards to the 150 Year Set, just like the Topps Living Set.

The Cobb card is #21 in the set, and cost $7.99.

You can also get all three cards ( Bob Gibson, Cobb, Carlton Fisk), in a bundle price of $14.99.

This will be the first card of the 150 set that I'll purchase, and I hope to collect all of the Tigers players Topps makes.

I know these cards aren't for everyone, but I think the card are pretty cool

Have you purchased any of the Topps 150 Years set?

If so, which one's, and what cards do you want to collect?

Have  great day, and keep collecting!

Play Ball! ⚾️


  1. That is a very attractive card! I hadn't heard of these before, seems like there's becoming more and more of these kinds of sets.

  2. This Ty is headed home to me as well. I bought the first three cards offered as a surprise for a friend so this is my first. I'm pretty strict about my purchases these days - Altuve or Cobb.